About Us



In 2011, Kai Coffee Founders Sean and Emily Naus set off to Australia with their 9 month old son Elijah Kai on an adventure that would forever change their lives. Sean had always been a massive coffee fan and thought he knew good coffee until he stumbled upon a little cafe in Byron Bay, New South Wales. The flavor of the coffee and texture of the milk was unlike anything he had ever experienced in America and he was hooked!

Sean and Emily had always had a heart for children in the developing world who were hungry and in need of care. 6 months after moving to Australia they decided to try an experiment. Could they roast coffee and sell it at markets to help send funds to Uganda, Africa and bless kids in need? They ordered a small 1lb coffee roaster and Kai Coffee was born. 9 years later that little home experiment grew into a full fledged roasting distribution and training company. Kai Coffee has supplied over 80 cafes around Australia and growing everyday. In 2020 they were able to send 200,000 meals to kids in Uganda through the work of the Shepherd Center in the South West corner of Uganda and Feed The Hungry, Australia in Northern Uganda.


After 10 years in Australia, 2021 is the year we are so excited to introduce Australian style specialty coffee to the US! Our dream of roasting coffee in both Australia and America has now become a reality with our America coffee company, Five Oceans Coffee. Sean's passion for exploring the best coffees the world has to offer has lead them on a journey of cupping thousands of different farms and coffee cooperatives around the world. We are excited to bring the best of the best to you! If you love coffee, we guarantee you this: we will continue to push the limits of discovering and roasting the world's best coffee, and delivering it to you to enjoy. Whether that's for your morning cup at home, supplying your office or workplace, or training and supplying your coffee shop or restaurant, we can do it all and we are excited to serve you. 


Just like Kai Coffee in Australia, Five Oceans Coffee will be donating 2 meals for every pound of coffee roasted. Every cup of delicious specialty coffee you drink will make a difference in the lives of thousands of kids in Uganda and beyond!